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As the face of the business, marketing teams must be able to quickly adapt their brand messaging to suit new customer concerns, needs, wants, and expectations. We are in a state of unprecedented crisis and CMOs must adjust their strategies in a manner that aligns with business goals while putting the health and safety of their teams, clients, customers, and others, first.

This is not the first time that businesses have been pushed to their limits, nor will it be the last. In this webinar, we will discuss managing teams in a time of crisis, ways to protect your brand’s reputation and the tools and strategies you need to speedily and effectively adapt to any situation.
Get insights from these marketing executives from Clorox, Roche & Wrike as they share their advice on how to:

  • Adapt your marketing plan and messaging to align with shifting expectations: How can you pivot to meet new customer needs and add value with every interaction?
  • Take an agile approach to project management: What tools and strategies will help your marketing team collaborate better and plan with ease?
  • Keep up morale: What values, principles, and behaviors will allow your team to be healthy and productive through this period of uncertainty?
I hope you take-away some great insights from this!


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