As experience overtakes price and product as a key brand differentiator, customer service is being recognized as the face of, and driver for, organization-wide strategy. Our responsibilities and internal footprint are changing and, simultaneously with customer expectations, we must evolve.

At the 9th Annual Customer Service Summit, our mission is to equip support leaders with the tools and strategies they need to overcome these challenges and deliver the ultimate customer experience. That’s why we’ve gathered together those leading customer support, experience and contact center operations from the world’s most influential brands to set the bar for omnichannel support and ensure we are meeting the needs of customers of the future.

40+ Customer Service and Experience Leaders Take the Stage

The 9th Annual Customer Service Summit brings together the leading minds on the cutting edge of customer support and experience strategy and innovation, with a speaker line-up of customer-centric leaders from the biggest global brands dedicated to delivering the ultimate customer experience. This is Incite’s most impressive speaker line-up to date!
30+ Case Studies and Interactive Discussions to Map the Future of Support

With horizontal tracks and vertical themes, designed in collaboration with our executive advisory board, the agenda is focused on transforming customer service to meet changing customer demands and equip leaders with the tools and strategies to deliver on the opportunity available to customer support leaders today.

  • Build Voice of Customer Analytics into Your Proactive Support Strategy: Create a closed feedback loop to understand how your customers want to communicate with you, analyse resulting data to anticipate customer expectations and improve overall customer experience
  • Deliver Seamless Omnichannel Support, Anytime, Anywhere: Map your key points of interaction, break into new social and digital touchpoints, synchronize channels to capture the entire customer journey and personalize each experience
  • Build, Retain and Empower the Ultimate 2020 Workforce: Streamline hiring and onboarding, augment your workforce with automation, knowledge systems and accurate sentiment analysis, and let workforce optimization guide you seamlessly into the future of contact center support
  • Scale Support with Chatbots, Automation, AI, IoT and More: Prove ROI, seamlessly integrate innovative solutions and effectively leverage machine learning to identify key customer friction points to deliver personalized, automated solutions with the human touch
Leave with the Most Impactful New CS/CX Tools and Strategies
5 Reasons the Customer Service Summit NYC is a Must-Attend in 2019

  • GROW YOUR NETWORK with 350+ peers across the customer journey: Benchmark, debate and learn with those influencing the direction of the customer service space
  • LEARN YOUR WAY with four key discussions: Don’t get stuck in a session that isn’t relevant to you, tailor your journey with our multi-track system and ensure you leave with answers
  • STRATEGIZE AND PLAN with 40+ brand speakers: No more blue-sky discussion. Leave with the tools and strategies to enact impact-driven change in 2019 with our strategy-focused agenda
  • DEEP DIVE WORKSHOPS and interactive learning: Attend one of five classroom workshops to brainstorm with like-minded peers and set a strategy to implement learnings on your return to the office
  • SAVE WEEKS OF WORK with a cocktail of insight: Leave with more understanding of the current trends and challenges than weeks of market research and competitive analysis
With more brand representation, more in-depth tracks and more interactive sessions – you’ll walk away from these two days with a practical strategy to deliver on the opportunity available to customer support leaders today.

If you are interested in hearing more about our movement, I’d love to talk through the agenda with you – just let me know and we’ll set up a call.


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