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Customer Marketing, Engagement & Service is being disrupted across many industries, creating challenges and opportunities for executives whose role is to engage with and delight the customer.

New technology, innovative business models along with mobile & digital transformation is changing the face of how businesses engage with their customers. Companies must seize the opportunities this transformation brings.

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Incite Group offers “by brands for brands” thought leadership including:

  • Exclusive Webinars: Get answers to your biggest questions with free live webinars tailored to your current challenges
  • In-depth Whitepapers: Direct insights from global brands across their marketing, digital and customer service departments. Access free papers including 10+ pages of industry research, findings, Q&As and more
  • Industry face-to-face discussions: Be at the forefront of change, innovation and strategy with opportunities to join 100-600 industry leaders to discuss the latest marketing, digital and service strategies

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